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Buying a Used Cadillac

Used cars are easy to find in the greater Denver and Englewood areas, but finding one that will serve you for years to come is another matter. The Sharpest Rides™ applies our over 30 years of automotive industry experience to seek only the highest-quality used Cadillacs for our valued customers. We also take steps to help our customers learn how to navigate the second-use automotive market with our pro tips that will save you time and money. Get up to speed with this short primer on finding the best used Cadillac to buy.

The Lasting Power of Cadillac

Since its start in 1902, Cadillac has produced luxury automobiles as classy as they are reliable – just notice how many vintage Cadillacs are still on the road. It's no less true of Cadillacs today, but their very longevity has made selecting the best used Cadillac to buy on your own a major undertaking.When comparing used Cadillacs in the Denver automotive market, you should seek only the best customer service professionals with the highest degree of industry knowledge possible. Read on for several key tips we've acquired after decades of experience working with used luxury sedans, and contact us to set up a test drive.

Affordable Luxury – Selecting the Right Used Cadillac

A new Cadillac loses 10–15% of its value when purchased, resulting in huge savings for those seeking a used model. To check the price of a used Cadillac, subtract 10–15% from its MSRP before you calculate further depreciation due to mileage, carfax history, and other factors as relevant. This helps you know its true market value and estimate the dealer's mark-up. Consider too that higher-trim packages hold their value longer than lower-trim packages, and that principle also applies to limited color runs. Most people only compare mileage, thinking in terms of hundreds of dollars – but by making these considerations first, you begin with a mindset towards saving thousands on a used Cadillac. For more great insider tips like this, contact The Sharpest Rides™ for the best used Cadillac sedans.

Cadillac Features

Any Cadillac you find will be an astonishing blend of power, style, and reliability. The following is a list of just some of the modern features that continue to make the Cadillac brand one of the most reliable luxury sedans (along with examples of commonly found Cadillac models with these options): ● Magnetic Ride Control (2020 CT4-V) ● Superior turbochargers (the 2020 CT5, 2019 XTS, and 2016 CT6 all have twin-turbo options) ● Fine-tuned 10-speed transmissions (2020 CT4-V, 2020 CT5) ● Major horsepower & acceleration (the 2019 CTS goes from 0–60 in 4.5 seconds – while the 2016 CT6 and 2019 XTS can exceed 400 horsepower, depending on engine options) ● V6 engine ● All Wheel Drive ● Embedded navigation ● Advanced safety features (including Teen Driver, as found in the 2020 CT5) All this and more comes with the standard spacious interiors and jaw-dropping accents Cadillac is known for so that you can be on your way with power and style.

Your Long-Term Satisfaction Is Our Goal

At The Sharpest Rides™, our staff is dedicated to advanced luxury automobiles and excellent customer service. It's why we are one of Colorado's longest-running independent dealers in any class, and we've fully embraced eDealership technology to make comparing used luxury automobiles as easy as possible. We commit to providing the most extensive extended-warranty coverage possible, and our service department is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools run by A.S.E.-certified mechanics.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Used Cadillac-Buying Experience

Visit our showroom in Englewood, Colorado, from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, and meet with our friendly and knowledgeable associates. We'll show you our assortment of stellar used Cadillac options according to your expectations with attentive service and zero pressure. It's how we've built our impressive, customer-first reputation, and it's what we'll continue to do

The Sharpest Rides™ Keeps Denver Moving

Our depth of experience with Denver's used auto market has shown us firsthand how much lost time and frustration goes on in the used car industry. We're on a mission to change that, being a family-owned business with a genuine stake in our community. The Sharpest Rides™ is here to make a difference and eliminate surprises in Denver's used luxury car market – one sale at a time.
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