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Buying a Used Car From a Dealership vs Private Seller

Selecting the right car requires lengthy research on the cars and your market. The first major decision is selecting between private sellers or a dealership – and we'll cover the key considerations to make between the two to simplify your car-buying journey.

Why should you should buy from a dealership instead of a private seller?

A dealership's main advantages are the financial and technical protection private sellers cannot provide. Dealerships put their cars through a professional inspection process to guarantee their inventory's condition, and they can offer advantageous financing options along the way.

Pros of buying a pre-owned car from a dealership

Dealerships have all the technical and financial support you need to capitalize on the perfect option. Those with full-service departments also have likely given the car its initial service and have its repair/maintenance history on file, saving time and labor hours. Further, you have the options of financing and warranty coverage.

Vehicle Selection

At your preferred dealer, you have a wide range of options available in one location. You can compare options in a single afternoon or inform your sales rep of your needs, speeding the process up tremendously as they lead you to the options best suited for your needs.

Financing Options

A dealer can offer in-house financing options, opening up your range of options. They can work with you to establish the fairest financing terms according to your credit and financial health, helping you strike the right balance between immediate and long-term needs.

Peace of Mind

With a dealer, the inventory will be expertly inspected and certified, guaranteeing the advertised condition of the car. Additionally, you'll be able to obtain a warranty and service plans to provide long-term peace of mind.

Cons of buying a used car from a private seller

Private sellers don't have the ability to work with you on a long-term payment plan. They need a full cash sale, and there are few alternatives.

No financing

Taking the vehicle for a test drive means you test everything from the interior quality, the driving experience, behavior, the sound system, the air conditioner, etc. During the test drive, pay attention to everything and how comfortable you are with everything. You do not have to make unnecessary compromises if the car's function is hindered.

No lemon law protections

Because there are no Colorado lemon law protections on used vehicles, you are reliant on the federal equivalents that only apply when the purchase is under dealer warranty. With private used car sales, it's buyer beware.

Risk of repairs

The full costs of a used car include repair and maintenance required shortly after purchase. This is almost impossible to determine with certainty during a private sale (and if the seller refuses to take it to a trusted mechanic with you for a private inspection, you know something's up). A dealer with a rigorous inspection and certification process is the only way to be sure your risk of repairs is low from the outset.

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